Section 4-6 Violations

(a) Any person, owner, possessor or keeper maintaining an animal and who permits that animal to commit any of the following actions shall be in violation of this chapter:

  1. Damages the property of anyone other than its owner or keeper including, but not limited to turning over garbage containers, soiling or defiling private or public property, or damaging gardens, flowers or vegetables.
  2. Interferes with, molests or attacks someone or another animal.
  3. Chases, snaps at, harasses or impedes pedestrians, cyclists or vehicles.
  4. Is repeatedly at large.
  5. Fails to wear valid rabies tags.

(b) An owner or keeper of an animal or any other person is in violation of this chapter whenever he:

  1. Fails to comply with rabies vaccination requirements after notice has been given.
  2. Fails to restrain or confine a female dog or female cat while in heat in a building or secure enclosure in such a manner that the animal will not be in contact with a male dog or male cat. This section shall not be construed to prohibit the intentional breeding of animals within an enclosure on the premises of the owner or keeper of an animal involved in the breeding process.
  3. Fails to maintain animals in a sanitary habitat.
  4. Owns, maintains or keeps any vicious animal unless the animal is under restraint whether on the owner's or keeper's property or not.
  5. Is cruel to an animal, abandons an animal, neglects an animal or restrains an unattended animal on a chain or rope that is less than ten feet in length and that is not on either a swiveled or a chained run where the animal has unobstructed access to water and shelter and will not become entangled.
  6. Entices or lures any animal out of an enclosure or off the property of its owner or keeper or seizes, molests or teases any animal.
  7. Possesses any paraphernalia related to dogfighting, cockfighting or other animal fighting.
  8. Violates any provision of the General Statutes relating to animals.
  9. Harbors, feeds, keeps in possession by confinement any stray animal which does not belong to him.
  10. Fails to comply with a confinement order or abatement order.

(Ord. of 7-7-92, art. IV)