Section 10-9 Service Standards

(a) The company shall maintain and operate the system and render efficient service so that there will be no interference with television reception, radio reception, telephone communications, or other installations which are now or may hereafter be installed and in use by the town or any person in the town.

(b) The community antenna television system shall conform with the following:

  1. The distribution system shall conform to the requirements of the Federal Communications Commission.
  2. The antenna, receiving and distribution equipment shall be installed and maintained so as to provide pictures on subscriber receivers throughout the system essentially of the same quality as those received at the antenna site.

(c) The company shall be responsible for installation and maintenance of the service wiring from the cable entry point to the TV set in the subscribers' homes.

(d) The company shall investigate and resolve all subscriber complaints regarding the quality of service, equipment malfunctions and similar matters expeditiously and in accordance with the following procedure:

  1. The company shall, during normal working hours, have qualified personnel available to investigate and resolve subscriber complaints.
  2. Upon notification of a service complaint the company shall dispatch a qualified employee to investigate the complaint and adjust, repair or replace company equipment as necessary to resolve the complaint. The company shall not be responsible for malfunctions in any subscribers radio or television receiver.
  3. Complaints shall be investigated and resolved within 24 hours of notification and the company shall maintain a service log in which entries of each complaint, the date received, the nature of the complaint and the means by which it was resolved shall be kept.
  4. The company shall maintain a business office or agent in the county for performing services and meeting all requirements provided in this chapter.

(Code 1981, § 6-3009)