Section 10-18 Renegotiation

The field of cable communications is a relatively new and rapidly changing field which shall no doubt see many regulatory, technical, financial, marketing, and legal changes during the term of a franchise period. Therefore, in order to provide for a maximum degree of flexibility in a franchise and to help achieve a continued advanced and modern system for the town, the company shall be subject to the following renegotiation provisions:

  1. The town and the company shall hold renegotiation sessions at the request of either within 30 days of such request, provided that there shall be no obligation to hold such a session more frequently than every two years.
  2. The following topics shall be discussed at such renegotiation sessions: service rate structure, free or discounted services; application of new technologies; system performances; services provided; programming offered; customer complaints; privacy in human rights; judicial and FCC rulings; and other topics as may be deemed appropriate.

(Code 1981, § 6-3018)