Section 20-62 Duties of Chief

The fire chief, subject to supervision by the council, shall:

  1. Have general control of the fire department, the personnel, apparatus and fire alarm systems.
  2. Command the department and supervise the firefighting and extinguishing of all fires and shall have the authority to keep away from the vicinity of all fires any and all idle, disorderly or suspicious persons.
  3. Inspect or cause to be inspected all trucks and other equipment of the fire department to ascertain that the equipment is being kept in proper condition. He shall report annually to the council the condition of all equipment.
  4. Inspect and cause to be inspected all fire hydrants and fire alarm systems and make a report of such inspections to the council.

(Code 1981, § 3-2002)

State Law References: Duties of fire chief, G.S. 160A-292.