Section 28-129 General Service Regulations

The following provisions shall be known as general service regulations, and they shall apply to the employees of the town as set out in this chapter:

  1. Attitude and common courtesy. When contacting the public in any manner, especially on public business, town employees shall do so in a courteous manner. Every employee shall, at all times, endeavor to conduct himself in a manner that reflects credit upon his department and the government of the town.
  2. Disclosure of confidential information. No official or employee shall, without the approval of the town manager, disclose confidential information concerning the property, government or affairs of the town. Nor shall he under any circumstance use such information to advance the financial or other private interest of himself or others.
  3. Gifts and favors. No official or employee shall accept any valuable gift, whether in the form of service, loan, things or promise from any person whom to his knowledge is interested directly or indirectly in any manner whatsoever in business dealings with the town; nor shall any such official or employee accept any gift, favor or thing of value that may tend to influence him in the discharge of his duties; or grant in the discharge of his duties any improper favor, service or thing of value.
  4. Use of intoxicants. No employee shall use intoxicating beverages or drugs of any kind while on duty, nor shall an employee report for duty while under the influence of an intoxicant or drug, nor shall intoxicating beverages be consumed on town property without the approval of the town council.
  5. Nondiscrimination. No discrimination shall be exercised, threatened or promised against or in favor of any applicant, competitor or employee because of his race, religion, national origin, political beliefs or sex.
  6. Maintenance of personnel records. It shall be the duty and responsibility of the town manager to see that personnel records and all necessary reports, records and supportive data be maintained. The town manager shall be responsible to abide by state law with regard to the privacy of personnel records.
  7. Use of town-owned equipment. No employee shall take for his personal use any town-owned equipment. All employees shall use town-owned equipment only in the manner authorized by the town manager. An employee who is required to be on-call may be authorized to take a vehicle to his residence as recommended by his department head and approved by the town manager. Personal use of town vehicles and equipment is strictly prohibited.
  8. Surrender of property. An employee who is suspended or discharged shall be required to return all items of equipment, including uniforms, owned by the town. Return of such equipment must precede the issuance of such an employee's final salary check. His uniform shall be cleaned by the employee before turning it in and getting his last paycheck.
  9. Political activity. The town encourages an employee to exercise civic responsibility in supporting good government at all levels by voting for the political candidates and issues of his choice. An employee may join or affiliate with political organizations, may attend political meetings and may advocate and support political principles and policies in accordance with the constitution and laws of the state and of the United States of America. However, an employee shall not:
    • a. Engage in political activity while on duty.
    • b. Be required to contribute funds or support for political or partisan purposes as a condition of employment, pay raise, promotion or tenure of office.
    • c. Solicit or act as custodian of funds for political or partisan purposes.
    • d. Use town-owned supplies, equipment or facilities to display political slogans, posters or stickers or for any other political purpose.
    • e. Be a candidate for or hold political office.

(Ord. of March 12, 1991, art. IV, § 14)