Section 36-79

Payment of Cost of Repairs to Damaged Meter; Civil Penalty; Charges for Electricity Upon Resumption of Service

(a) If any electric meter is damaged, defaced or tampered with, the owner in possession of property served by the meter or meter box, if owner-occupied, or the tenant in possession of the property so served, if tenant-occupied, shall pay to the town on or before the day the next utility bill is due and payable after such damaging, tampering or defacing, the reasonable cost of repairs to the property so damaged or tampered with. If such payment is not made within the time specified the town may discontinue electric service.

(b) The payment of the cost of repairs and of the civil penalty shall be prerequisite to restoration of electric service. If the owner of any such owner-occupied premises shall fail, neglect or refuse to pay the cost of repairs, the department of public works shall discontinue electric service to the premises until all such charges are paid.
(Code 1981, § 5-3014)