Garbage Collection & Recycling

Household Garbage

The Town provides garbage collection services. 


Household garbage must be placed in the roll out containers that are provided by the Town. Only containers provided by the Town will be emptied. 

Routes are run early in the mornings; pull carts to the edge of the street the night before your scheduled pickup to ensure that your cart is not missed.

Collection Days

For our citizens who live within the Town limits, the collection day for household garbage is Thursdays for residents who live south of the railroad tracks, and on Fridays for those who live north of the railroad tracks. 

Schedule Changes

Changes to the pickup schedule are rare, and result only due to holidays. An ad will be run in the paper, printed on the back of your bills, and listed online to notify you of any changes to the normal schedule. 

Special Pick-Ups

Special Pickups include yard waste not inside the brown provided by the Town, and result in a $10 fee if called in and scheduled for pick up and a $25 fee if put out for collection with calling in to be placed on schedule. Furniture, Tires, and White Goods (refrigerators, washers, dryers, stoves, freezers, etc.) are collected at no charge if called in. If not called in, there is a $25 fee for collection goods.

Yard Debris

Yard Debris that is placed within the Brown Carts provided by the Town will be collected on Tuesday at no charge. Debris should fit inside the cart and the lid should close. If debris other than yard waste is mixed in this cart, the cart will not be emptied.


The collection of recyclables occurs weekly on Wednesday. Blue recyclable carts are provided to each customer. State law prohibits placing plastic bottles in your trash. Please recycle. You can recycle the following items: 

  • Corrugated Cardboard (shipping and packaging boxes, usually identifiable by a squiggly layer of paper sandwiched between sheets)
  • Paper and Paperboard (office paper, notebook paper, cereal boxes, non-Styrofoam egg cartons, some pre-packaged food boxes)
  • Plastics (milk jugs, shampoo bottles, detergent bottles, vitamin bottles, plastic soda and water containers, etc.)
  • Glass (beer bottles, wine bottles, pickle jars, jelly jars, etc. Light bulbs, Pyrex, ceramics, and mirrors are not accepted.)

Leaf Collection

Leaves are collected free of charge and are not required to be inside of the brown yard waste carts during the months of November, December, and January. Any limbs or sticks in the pile of leaves will not be collected, place limbs, stick, twigs in your brown yard waste cart. 

During all other months, leaves are required to be placed within the brown yard waste carts provided by the Town, to avoid special pick up fees.