Section 4-8 Impoundment Procedure

(a) The animal control officer may impound an animal when there is a violation of this chapter. An animal impounded under this chapter may be reclaimed by its owner or its keeper in accord with the procedures of the SPCA and upon payment of all fines for violations of this chapter and expenses and boarding costs associated with impoundment.

(b) In lieu of impoundment, the animal control officer is authorized to issue a confinement order to the animal owner or keeper requiring the owner or keeper to restrain a vicious animal, an animal that has bitten someone, or an animal involved in an action that is a violation of this chapter. Failure to comply with the confinement order will constitute a further violation of this chapter.

(c) Impoundment of an animal shall not relieve the owner or keeper thereof from any penalty which may be imposed for violation of this chapter or state law.

(d) An owner or keeper of an impounded animal may not use adoption to reclaim the animal from the animal shelter.
(Ord. of 7-7-92, art. VI)