Section 4-9 Disposition of Impounded Animals

Animals that are impounded may be reclaimed by the owner, adopted or euthanized in accord with the policies and procedures of the SPCA. When the owner is not known, cannot be notified, or does not reclaim the animal, the animal shall be held for at least three business days up to a maximum of ten business days, but in no case shall an animal be impounded at the animal shelter longer than 30 calendar days. Any animal seized or impounded that is badly wounded, diseased or unweaned and has no identification may be humanely destroyed pursuant to procedures of the SPCA. If the animal has rabies or is suspected of having rabies, the head shall be removed and forwarded to the state's public health laboratory for testing. If a wounded, diseased or unweaned animal has a collar or identification, the animal control officer and SPCA staff shall make reasonable efforts to notify the owner or keeper before euthanizing the animal. The owner, keeper or other person shall not have a claim against the county, the county's elected and appointed officials, county employees or the SPCA and staff when wounded, diseased or unweaned animals are euthanized in accordance with the provisions of this chapter. The animal control officer may use a firearm when it is necessary to enforce provisions of this chapter to control wild, stray, vicious or diseased animals.
(Ord. of 7-7-92, art. VII)