Section 20-34 Tank Installation

Before any tank for underground or aboveground storage of volatile, flammable or combustible liquids or any other hazardous material covered by the provisions of this article shall be installed, a permit must be issued and shall be granted only upon written application made to the fire marshal setting forth therein the location, character, size and capacity of the tank, and the purpose for which it is to be used and an agreement that the applicant or user will conform to all the provisions of this Code and the ordinances then existing, and in case a pump is to be used in connection therewith, the application shall state its location with respect to the tanks and with respect to the property line. The fire marshal shall determine whether the proposed tanks comply with the provisions of this article, the ordinances of the town, and laws of the state, and shall issue the permit if he finds there is compliance. The fire marshal shall have the right to inspect the tanks and appliances before and after installation, and see that its location, installation and operation are in accordance with this article, the ordinances of the town and laws of the state. After the tank is placed in the excavation, and fittings and connections have been attached thereto, and before it has been covered or concealed from inspection, the applicant for the permit shall notify the fire marshal and shall wait until the installation of the tank connections and fittings have been approved by the fire marshal before covering them.