Section 28-121 Sick Leave

(a) Each regular full-time employee shall be entitled to sick leave with pay, to be used in the event of personal illness or disability. Sick leave with pay shall accrue at the rate of one working day of leave for each full month of the employee's service. Sick leave is cumulative without limit, i.e., there is no maximum accumulation. Upon retirement due to disability or otherwise the employee shall be paid for accumulated sick leave.

(b) Sick leave may be taken in accordance with the following:

  1. The employee has completed six or more months of continuous service.
  2. The absence is necessitated by personal illness, injury, disability caused by pregnancy or childbirth, or physical incapacity resulting from causes beyond the employee's control.
  3. Notification of the reason for absence is submitted not later than two hours after the beginning of the scheduled workday or as required by departmental rules and regulations.
  4. The employee will submit to such medical examination, nursing visit or other inquiry which the department head deems desirable.
  5. For any absence which is of a duration of three or more consecutive days, the employee may be required to present a certificate from a physician attesting illness or incapacity.

(c) Vacation leave may be used for sick leave purposes. Employees who have exhausted all sick leave and vacation leave credits may, at the discretion of the town manager, be granted leave of absence without pay for a period not to exceed one year. Any employee who requests such leave shall notify the town manager in writing at the earliest possible date prior to the use of the leave. The town manager shall inform the town council of any employee requesting such leave.

(Ord. of March 12, 1991, art. IV, § 6)