Section 36-120 Emergency Suspensions

(a) The director may suspend the wastewater treatment service and/or wastewater permit when such suspension is necessary in order to stop an actual or threatened discharge that presents or may present an imminent or substantial endangerment to the health or welfare of persons or the environment, interferes with the town’s treatment works or causes the town’s treatment works to violate any condition of its NPDES or nondischarge permit.

(b) Any user notified of a suspension of the wastewater treatment service and/or the wastewater permit shall immediately stop or eliminate the contribution. A hearing will be held within 15 days of the notice of suspension to determine whether the suspension may be lifted or the user’s waste discharge permit terminated. In the event of a failure to comply voluntarily with the suspension order, the director shall take such steps as deemed necessary including immediate severance of the sewer connection, to prevent or minimize damage to the town’s treatment works or endangerment to any individuals. The director shall reinstate the wastewater permit and the wastewater treatment service upon proof of the elimination of the noncompliant discharge. The industrial user shall submit a detailed written statement describing the causes of the harmful contribution and the measures taken to prevent any future occurrence to the director prior to the date of the above-described hearing.
(Ord. of 4-5-93, § XII(e))