Section 36-124 Additional Remedies

(a) Annual publication of reportable noncompliance.At least annually, the director shall publish in the largest daily newspaper circulated in the service area, a list of those industrial users found to be in significant noncompliance, also referred to as reportable noncompliance in 15A NCAC 2H.0903(b)(10), with this article or any other or permit issued under this article, during the 12 months period since the previous publication.

(b) Water supply severance.Whenever an industrial user is in violation of the provisions of this article or an order or permit issued under this article, water service to the industrial user may be severed and service will only recommence, at the user’s expense, after it has satisfactorily demonstrated consistent compliance.

(c) Declaration of public nuisance.Any violation of the prohibitions or effluent limitations of this article or of a permit or order issued under this article is hereby declared a public nuisance and shall be corrected or abated as directed by the director. Any person creating a public nuisance shall be subject to the town’s provisions governing such nuisances, including reimbursing the town for any costs incurred in removing, abating or remedying the nuisance.
(Ord. of 4-5-93, § XII(4))