Section 36-136 When Required; Exceptions

Every person owning a dwelling, building or other structure that is used for human habitation or occupancy within the town situated on a lot or parcel of land that abuts or adjoins a street or other public way, along which is located a sanitary sewer of the town shall connect such dwelling or structure to the sewer system. In cases where a sanitary sewer is constructed where none before existed, such connection must be made within 90 days of completion of such construction. However, a connection shall not be required to the system unless the lot or parcel of land on which the dwelling, building or structure is situated is accessible within 200 feet of the sewer system. Further, no person shall be required to cross the private property of any other person to make such connection. Where connections are required, all toilets, sinks and other plumbing fixtures shall be installed, arranged or rearranged to drain into the sanitary sewer. Properties that are not accessible to the sewer system for the reason they are more than 200 feet therefrom shall install septic tanks or other facilities in compliance with the county health department and all state regulations.
(Ord. of 4-5-93, § III(1))