Section 36-164 Measurement of Flow

(a) The volume of flow used in computing industrial waste surcharges shall be based upon metered water consumption as shown in the records of meter readings maintained by the town water department. If a person discharging wastes into the sanitary sewer system produces evidence to the director that more than ten percent of the total annual volume of water used for all purposes does not reach the town sanitary sewer, an estimated percentage of total water consumption to be used in consumption charges may be agreed upon between the director and the person discharging industrial wastes into the sewers. If the director determines that the volume of industrial waste being discharged is more than ten percent greater than the metered water consumption, then the industrial waste charges shall be based upon the volume discharged as measured by a town-approved volume measuring device such as a flow meter installed within the control manhole as provided in section 36-163.

(b) Where the person discharging industrial wastes into the sanitary sewers of the town procures any or all water supply from sources other than the town water department, all or part of which is discharged into the sanitary sewer, the person discharging the waste shall install and maintain, at that person’s expense, water meters or other measuring devices of a type approved by the director for the purpose of determining the proper volume of flow to be charged.
(Ord. of 4-5-93, § VIII)