Section 36-184 Billing

(a) The user charge and surcharge, as set forth in this division, shall be billed and payable monthly on a separate bill rendered to the proper persons by the town water department, such bills to be sent through the United States mail notifying all persons of the amount and date due. Failure to receive the notice is not an excuse for nonpayment of bills. Persons not having paid their bills within ten days of billing will be delinquent. Notice shall be sent them through the United States mail and if after 15 days’ notice, given as above, the bills remain unpaid, the water connection will be severed and will not be turned on again until the bill is paid. In case a person discharging wastes into the town’s sanitary sewer system does not procure water supply from the town’s water system, connection with the town’s sewer system will be severed and will only be reconnected at the user’s expense.

(b) Each user will be notified annually by the town, in conjunction with a regular bill, of the user charge rates attributable to wastewater treatment services.

(c) The user charge system as set forth in this division shall take precedence over any terms or conditions, agreements or contracts that are inconsistent with the requirements of section 204(b)(1)(a) of the act.
(Ord. of 4-5-93, § X(5))