Usage Monitoring

The Energy Monitoring Feature that puts you in control!

Usage Monitoring

Usage Monitoring is a feature offered by EasyPay that allows traditional billing customers the opportunity to monitor their daily electric consumption. By following your daily electric consumption pattern, you can observe patterns that will help to control your consumption and ultimately lower your bill. 

How It Works

If this sounds like a feature you would like to take advantage of, free of charge, follow these easy instructions.

  1. Log on to My Usage.
  2. Click the Usage Monitor Account halfway down the page on the left
  3. Click the click here tab at the bottom right of the page
  4. Choose the state of NC
  5. Then choose the Town of La Grange as your utility provider
  6. You will then need to enter a valid working email address
  7. Enter the validation code sent to the email you provided
  8. You will then be prompted to enter your Account and Meter Number which are located on your monthly bill, as well as a password which you will then confirm
           a. For an account number 00091300000 95, enter 91300000 as the account number.
           b. Enter the meter number located on the left side, halfway down the page, beside the word “ELTRC EL1”.

Congratulations!!! Your account is now created!
Your email is your username, and the password is the one entered twice in step 8.