Official Holiday Schedule

In accordance with the Personnel Policy adopted by the Town Council, the Town will observe the following holiday schedule:

December 2020

December 21st-25th - No Special Pick-ups

Monday, December 21st - Yard Debris and Recycling Route

Tuesday, December 22nd - South side Route

Wednesday, December 23rd - North side Routes – Town Hall Closed

Thursday, December 24thTown Hall Closed

Monday, December 28th - Yard Debris and Scheduled Special Pick-ups – Town Hall Closed

Tuesday, December 29th - Recycling Route

Wednesday, December 30th – South side Route

Thursday, December 31st - North side Route – Town Hall Closed


January 2021

Monday, January 4thTown Hall Closed

Monday, January 18th - MLK Day - Town Hall Closed

Tuesday, January 19th - Special Pick-ups 


April 2021

Monday, April 5th - Easter Monday – Town Hall Closed


May 2021

Monday, May 31st - Memorial Day - Town Hall Closed

(Special pick-ups, will be collected on Tuesday June 1st)


July 2021

Monday, July 5th - Independence Day - Town Hall Closed


September 2021

Monday, September 6th - Labor Day - Town Hall Closed

Tuesday, September 7th - Special Pick-ups


November 2021

Thursday, November 11th - Veterans’ Day - Town Hall Closed

Friday, November 12th - North and South side Household Routes

Monday, November 22nd - Yard Debris and Recyclable Route 

Tuesday, November 23rd - South Side Household Garbage Route 

Wednesday November 24th - North Side Household Garbage Route


December 2021

No Special Pick-ups during the week of Christmas

Wednesday, December 22ndTown Hall Closed

Thursday, December 23rd – North and South Side Household Garbage Routes – Town Hall Closed

Monday, December 27thTown Hall Closed

Tuesday, December 28th – Special Pick-ups


January 2022

Monday January 3rd - Town Hall Closed

Tuesday, January 4th – Special Pickups and Yard waste Route